Breached, Hacked, Attacked....Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Healthcare Institutions, Banks, Financial Institutions, County/City Governments, Police Departments, Retail Giants..... Yahoo, Equifax, IRS, FBI, Facebook, NASA, Starwood Hotels (Mariott), Twitter, First American Financial, Dubsmash, Monster....


Organizations, large and small, are facing increasing threats to their safety and security. Physical security of their assets and personnel, electronic security including the security of their IT infrastructure, and the security of their information (and Data) are all under constant attack. Someone out there is constantly trying to do “bad things” and succeeding.


What is the solution?

A lot is being to prevent breaches; however, breaches are happening. A foolproof way to prevent attacks has not been developed. The first step to reduce damage is get awareness about them "as and when they happen" through Real-Time Alerts. This way immediate, adequate and effective counter-measures can be initiated to contain the damage and in relevant cases, even track down the culprits. Any action or response AFTER an attack happens, is a mere reaction and a matter of postmortem analysis and forensic investigations.

The true answer is "Be Aware, Be Alert"


Significant amounts of resources are being deployed to combat security threats; however, these efforts are in silos with each having its own strategies, management and staff with little communication between them. In today’s environment, physical threats have an impact on IT operations, and cyber threats have an impact on physical operations. Everything is interconnected. To treat cyber and physical threats separately creates unnecessary confusion, delays, inefficiencies and increases expenses significantly ...

Even after billions of dollars of expenditures, organizations keep incurring millions and billions of dollars of cost as a consequence of attacks. Current measures are failing repeatedly and most of the time the actions taken are largely reactive in nature, focusing on postmortem forensic analysis of the breach/attack. Security solutions can no longer be in silos.

Who is exposed?
Any individual or any institution that has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, server, smart TV, electronic security/surveillance - faces a threat of a breach. The question is not whether something bad will happen – the question is when something bad will happen. Directly or indirectly, covertly or overtly, everyone is being affected by such attacks. Businesses, Institutions, Governments, Hospitals, Schools, Individuals....
When do attacks happen?
Attacks don't happen only in the dark hours. They can happen at any given time, and the worst part of it is, the effect may not be known until substantial damage has already occurred.
​What are the consequences?
Very serious including business disruptions, loss, liabilities, and Billions of dollars down the drain.

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A proprietary solution to unify various security systems within an enterprise and make existing security systems “smarter”.
Real-Time Alerts and related video clips, sent to security personnel for immediate response.

Why alerteerTM?

Why alerteerTM?

alerteerTM is a unique solution that brings a much needed approach to integrating all the different areas of enterprise security, namely physical, electronic and cyber security alongwith other allied security measures. It provides integration solutions through its flagship product alerteerTM, which can sense and process signals from various security systems in an enterprise, generate alerts and deliver them in real-time to mobile or other devices as necessary.

alerteerTM provides robust and efficient Security Threat Monitoring on a 24x7x365 basis from our Integrated Security Operations Center (I-SOC).

alerteerTM provides Cyber Security Consulting Services to customers to understand their operations, audit their enterprise risks for compliance with PCI, HIPPA, FISMA, NERC, NIST, ISO 27001 requirements, other vulnerabilities, their current risk mitigation strategies/processes and recommend robust solutions. Cyber Security Professional Services are provided onsite/offsite for cyber security related technical matters.

alerteerTM provides onsite/offsite Cyber Security related technical training to customers' staff for ever evolving Cyber Security technologies related features, etc. alerteerTM is a very cost conscious organization and all services are provided on value basis creating a WIN-WIN situation for all.

services we provide

Integrated Enterprise Security

Integrated Security Solutions

  • Proprietary software solution - alerteerTM
  • Just-in-Time Detection
  • Unified Real-Time Alerts
  • Automated Initial Incident Response

Cyber Security

  • Strategy, Compliance & Risk Assessment
  • Consulting & Solutions
  • Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Web Application Assessment
  • Security Testing for IoT devices

Electronic Security

  • SMART video surveillance
  • Enhanced integration between various legacy security systems
  • Integrate with IoT security systems
  • Muti-factor authentication

Integrated SOC(I-SOC) Services

  • 24x7x365 SOC Monitoring
  • SOC Management
  • Threat Monitoring & Incident Response
  • Managed Security Services