Innovations at SATTRIX USA

Over the past four decades, proliferation of technology has brought serious threats to enterprise security (including cyber security). Billions of dollars have been spent to protect yet, billions of dollars keep getting spent to deal with security lapses when they happen.

The dark side of technology is constantly busy creating newer and newer ways to attack and hack. Although no one knows how the security will get compromised in the future; one thing is clear. WE NEED TO CONSTANTLY BE ON THE ALERT. Prompt detection of incidents as they happen and real-time notifications are absolutely necessary to combat the threats today and will be in the future.

alerteerTM is in the business to provide real-time alerts. This requires prompt detection of incidents that need alerting as they happen. In the future, detection of newer threats will be required as well.


We constantly research, study and analyze actual case studies of breaches, attacks and hacks in all domains of security - Physical, Electronic, Cyber, and IoT. This enables us to think like the bad guys and find innovative ways to "Detect" a bad thing "as and when they happen" and immediately communicate with the designated personnel.
This requires continuous innovation of our products and methods.