Three Organizational Challenges

Organizations are deploying significant amounts of resources to combat physical, electronic and cyber security threats; however, these efforts are in silos with each having its own strategies, management and staff with little communication among them. In today’s environment, physical threats have an impact on IT operations, and cyber threats have an impact on physical operations.

Organizations keep incurring millions and billions of dollars of cost as a consequence of attacks. To treat cyber and physical threats separately creates unnecessary confusion, delays, inefficiencies and increases expenses significantly. Current measures are failing repeatedly annd most of the time the actions taken are largely reactive in nature, focusing on postmortem forensic analysis of the breach/attack. Security solutions can no longer be in silos – THEY MUST BE INTEGRATED (click here to learn how: I-SOC).

Organizations must combat security threats in a cohesive and unified manner. When bad things happen, PROMPT NOTIFICATIONS must be made to the RIGHT PEOPLE. This approach would facilitate relevant communications among the staff and follow very similar process of assessment; detection and alert; containment; remediation; conclusion but in a cohesive manner at reduced costs.


Sattrix USA was founded with the vision to provide enterprise security solutions to all levels of federal, state and local government, schools, corporations, and any other critical infrastructure. It is a unique company that brings a total integrated solution to all security concerns. When a security breach is sensed by a device, anywhere within a covered area, Sattrix USA’s proprietary software alerteerTM monitors it and provides real-time alert to the designated people who can take appropriate actions immediately.

alerteerTM fills the need for real-time alerts that go to the right people who take timely actions rather than clean up after the fact.