Who Are We?

alerteerTM is an IOT product that unifies the efforts of various existing security systems and leverages them to generate a single stream of “Real-Time Alerts. They unify the effort of a wide variety of existing security systems and leverage them to generate a single stream of “Real-Time Alerts,” which can be programmed to be sent to the intended group/individuals responsible for safety and security, for an immediate incident response action to contain the damage. This pre-empts the conventional model of a postmortem response and forensic analysis of a total loss situation. alerteer is committed to constantly innovating and improving alerteer utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

alerteerTM fills the need for real-time alerts that go to the right people who take timely actions rather than clean up after the fact.

  • Utilizing IoT alerteer brings together various security systems and leverages them to create Real-Time Alerts.
  • A resource for your Hotel Staff, Tenants, and Security Staff

Our Vision

Utilize Latest Technology to make organization smarter and more intelligent. Eliminate Smoking uses from your business enviroment.


Our Mission

Make your business more effective and productive with existing resources. Improve Reputations and ROI.


Our Values

Be very efficient, productive and improve Reputation and ROI.

Convinced yet? Let's make something great together.

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