Smart Surveillance

Real Time Alert notification for Video Surveillance system and emergency reposonse management. Get alerts and Notification of every critical activities.

  • Real Time Alert Notification with short video
  • Focus only on critical and important items
  • Works with existing CCTV System, Analog, IP, old and new – Any brand
  • Digitized interactive Maps
  • Quick action item - Share, Call or 911

    Problem :

  • Many Organizations struggle with Smoking Problem in Non-Smoking area
  • Smoking includes – Cigarette, Marijuana, Vaping
  • No Proactive Solutions
  • No Documented Proofs available for penalty charges
  • Indoor Air Quality deteriorates
  • Healthcare cost increase

Solution :

  • Smart Sensor - a very convenient tool for motel/hotel owners to counter the smoking problem.
  • Provides Real-Time Notification of smoking activity with its precise location and room number
  • Very effectively detect cigarette smoke, weed smoke along with a number of other harmful fumes and gases.
  • Discreet detection of smoking activity including cigarette, weed, vape and others