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alerteerTM, a product from SATTRIX USA brings the capability to unify the efforts of wide variety of existing security systems and leverage them to generate a single stream of “Real-Time Alerts”, which can be programmed to be sent to the intended group/individuals responsible for safety and security, for an immediate incident response action to contain the damage. This pre-empts the conventional model of a postmortem response and forensic analysis of a total loss situation. Sattrix USA is committed to constantly innovate and improve alerteer utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

alerteerTM is your omnipresent Virtual Sentry. It is your extended eyes & ears and enables you to conveniently see the events you want to see, as and when they happen. This provides you the invaluable ability to respond to situations that happen in your kingdom.

alerteerTM is a unique and versatile solution designed to counter a wide range of Cyber Threats, coming from any of the allied security systems, like Physical Security, Electronic Security and IoT security systems. alerteerTM can generate Real-Time Alerts based on customizable definitions. These alerts can be forwarded through “alerteerTM mobile app to various Cyber Security platforms such as Identity and Access Management and Cyber Security, Security Information & Event Management solutions.

You decide what you want to see

All you need to do is decide what activity is "not normal" for your realm of operations and tell it to alerteerTM. It then ensures that an alert is generated for all such activities/events and sent to the designated persons and devices.

alerteerTM features

  • Just-In-Time Detection

    The first and the most important step in the war against the miscreants. Based on the user-defined, customizable inputs, alerteerTM detects anything that is "not normal", right as and when it is happening. The definitions for generating the alerts can be fine-tuned and customized to reduce the instances of "False Positives", which can be a potential nuisance.  

    alerteerTM offers the flexibility to customize and edit the definitions for events which should generate the alerts. For example

    • Attempt of unauthorized access at a door or a gate
    • Attempt of breaching a fence
    • Presence (or absence) of person/s in a pre-defined area/space
    • Presence (or absence) of material in a pre-defined area/space
    • Vehicle detection
    • Movement/motion detection
    • Attempt of unauthorized access on a technology device (computer, server, business solutions machine etc.)
    • Unauthorized manipulation of IoT enabled devices
    • Non-conformance on biometrics sensors
    • And more...
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  • Real-Time Alerts

    The next critical step after "detection" is communicating the relevant information to the right persons. alerteerTM sends the information immediately to any and all persons designated to receive the same. This detection can be generated from any device - badge reader, biometrics sensor, motion detector, camera, computer/server login, IoT device, access control point, or any device connected on the security system network. 
    Further, the alert can be received on any device - mobile phone, tablet or computer/laptop, on any form - text message, call or social media notificaiton. alerteerTM's ability to detect and communicate alerts is agnostic of the make/model of sensing or receiving devices.
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  • Response Management

    Timely and relevant response is the most critical factor in managing any and every safety or security related incident. A wide range of solutions, programs, products and software are available for generating alerts and alarms about incidents/events. Once this information is communicated to the intended recipients, the outcome of the situation solely depends on how they respond.... 

    alerteer provides a convenient platform of a customized response plan. It is created to meet the needs of a small, medium or large organization and help the response team to follow a predetermined course of actions. This way all the efforts are channelized in the right direction for optimum efficiency and success. This can be a big advantage in offsetting the panic which is a most common occurrence in case of breaches/attacks.

    alerteerTM consolidates three key features of an effective and meaningful Response Management plan
    • Communication
    • Status updates
    • Archiving
    Best laid out Incident Response Plans can fail to be effective just because of one critical mistake – lack of communication.
    • alerteerTM not only generates the alert when a breach happens, but also ensures that the information is relayed to the response team in Real-Time. It has in-built tools to enable the responders to acknowledge it and share it further as needed. It lets them to report their response action and log it.
    • alerteerTM has the ability to allow responder/s to relay the incident information to external responders like police, fire department and paramedics) with a single click, if the situation demands it.
    Status updates
    In any incident, continued tracking of responders’ actions helps ensure steering the efforts in the right direction.
    • alerteerTM provides the capability of tracking all incident response actions and sharing them with relevant authorities, again in Real-Time.
    Any incident ends with Investigation, Remediation and Review. Knowing the exact chronological order of response actions is essential for this.
    • alerteerTM carries this feature to log and archive all the actions, communications and acknowledgements from the response team. This history of events comes in very useful in forensic analysis, mitigation and containment strategies for similar future possibilities.
    Adaptability of alerteerTM
    • For organizations who do not have a defined Incident Response Management plan, alerteer offers options of setting up a communication protocol based on the chain-of-command or the organization chart.
    • For organizations who have a defined plan, the existing communication protocol described therein can be incorporated in alerteer for assured implementation.
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What alerteerTM can do for you

  • Add value to existing features of security systems
    • For existing legacy security system - Upgrade it to a smarter mode
    • For augmentation of legacy system with new system - Integrate and upgrade both to a smarter mode
    • For new security system - add value to and enhance its inherent features
  • Integrate a wide range of security devices of different security systems like Physical Security, Electronic Security, Cyber Security, IoT & Embedded Systems and more
  • Provide License Plate Recognition (LPR) services along with relevant analytics to interpret and process data for meaningful results
  • Enable owner-defined security definitions with extreme flexibility
  • Enable RealTime Alerts to be generated from any security device and to be sent to any communication device
  • Alerts can be sent to a diverse group of intended recipients with pre-defined levels of authorities. Control on details of alerts and response tracking.